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Forgive the click-baity title but I couldn't help myself...

I'm proud to announce that WinC is a recipient of the Literary Arts Emergency Fund from the National Book Foundation! The fund will award 3.5 million dollars to 282 literary organizations this year; including the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and more!

This is the second grant we received this year. Earlier this year, we were awarded the All in the Neighborhood grant by the Citizens Committee. COVID19 really has done a number on organizations like ours, but it has been such a gift to see how creative communities have come together to help each other at this difficult time.

With that said, our Resource Links page is filled with organizations that provide financial assistance to businesses and freelancers. This page is open to members of all levels- apply to all of them if you can and if you're in need because you never know what you might be eligible for!

In the meantime, check out info about the Literary Arts Emergency Fund and the National Book Foundation by clicking the link below!

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