Relaunching, Revising, Remaining

So we relaunched a few weeks ago; adding paid membership tiers with new benefits, a partner program, a media fellowship and more. This has been in the works for a few years, however, with the COVID19 pandemic, along with racialized violence towards BIPOC and harassment allegations coming out in the multimedia industry over the past 4 months, we realized that the time to act was now.

WinC has been in existence for over 8 years. Over that length of time, we have hosted over 40 events, gained 150+ members, helped folks get work and exposure, and even saved a few jobs along the way. This relaunch just helps us to do more of that and then-some. We are still the same ol' organization, working to expand, diversify and empower the industry- especially when it comes to amplifying the voices of marginalized gendered folks of color.

Our mission has never deviated and will continue along the same vein, in an even more conducive way. We have a new membership application that specifies our criteria and code conduct- we are a very familial, community based organization; we take the safety and peace of mind of our members seriously. Anyone who applies must be on the same accord.

With all that said, here we remain...looking towards the ever evolving future, hopefully some of you will join us there.

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